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We loved the simplicity and clean look of Axle F so we made Axle R. Using a solid 7075-T6 rod rather than a hollow tube makes this the strongest possible rear axle design while still being lighter than a stock 12mm thru axle with integrated lever.

If you already carry the EDC multitool with you, there’s no need for the heavy integrated lever which can snag on trail-side obstacles.

Add one of our coloured cap kits to match your Axle R to your bike.

Lighter than stock 12mm thru axles with integrated lever or QR
7075-T6 Solid rod design for maximum stiffness and strength
Low profile head won’t get caught on trail-side obstacles.
5mm and 6mm hex interfaces
All common axle length/thread combinations covered

– Proizvajalec: OneUp
– Dimenzija: 174 mm, 176 mm, 178 mm, 180 mm (nastavljivo s priloženimi distančniki)
– Navoj: M12 x 1.75
– Material: aluminij 7075-T6
– Preverjena teža: 56 g* (*brez distančnika)


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