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The Renthal Fatbar has already gained cult status, as the handlebar of choice for World Cup downhill. Six World Championship gold medals have been won using the Fatbar, cementing it as one of the most successful race products of all time.

Race Weight
The all new Fatbar is at a lower weight of 315 g. This has been achieved with more efficient use of material, removing any excess to reduce weight, whilst retaining the strength, durability and flex characteristics as the original Fatbar.

Race Geometry
As well as reducing weight, width is also increased up to a full 800mm. The Fatbar features proven 7° back sweep / 5° up sweep combination and is available in 10, 20, 30 and 40mm rise options, to suit any bike and any rider preference.

– Proizvajalec: Renthal
– Širina: 800 mm
– Višina: 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm – izberite ob naročilu!
– Upogib navzgor: 5°
– Upogib nazaj: 7°
– Vpetje: 31.8 mm
– Preverjena teža: 314 g* (*višina 20 mm)

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