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Brezplačna poštnina za naročila nad 100 €

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Specifically designed for riders who are looking for a little more comfort on their bike, these grips use their ergonomic shape to give you better support on the toughest of rides. Ideal for commuters or long distance riders the grips are 131.6mm wide and 41mm at their deepest point.
The grips combine a hard-plastic inner with a rubber/gel outer. The outer of the grip feature a microtech texture with embossed cross hatching- putting grip in the right places and minimising unnecessary friction.
The closed end construction removes the need for bar end plugs. The anodised laser etched clamp and bolt allow the rider to secure the grips firmly in place.

– Proizvajalec: LifeLine
– Dolžina: 132 mm
– Premer: 30-41 mm (na notranji strani gripa je premer 31 mm; zunanja stran gripa ima najširši del 41 mm)
– Preverjena teža: 136 g
– Sistem: enojni lock-on


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