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Proizvajalec: Nukeproof
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“It makes me want to race some World Cups again!”
Sam Hill

Racing is in our DNA. It comes from being developed and tested in conjunction with the world’s fastest racers.

Suspension design and frame details:
The Dissent platform was originally conceived by our engineers as a concept to test several progression curve theories at once. However, in turning the theory into reality, we created something much better than expected, and the prototype won on its international debut at Crankworx festival’s Garbanzo Downhill race with Sam Hill.

It is not uncommon for different world cup riders to want a slightly different characteristic to one another depending on factors such as their riding style and whether they run flat pedals or not. The Nukeproof Dissent takes this into account with an adjustable main pivot flip chip, designed to essentially work like a bottomless token for a coil shock. The Nukeproof Dissent frame now offers riders the choice of 4 main pivot positions, which alter how progressive the suspension is. Cleverly the geometry and travel do not change between positions.
Note: The sag difference between each setting is around 1% so you should not need a different spring rate.

The Main pivot flip chips are fast and simple to change and offer a tailored factory set up for every rider!

Further custom tuning can be done via our new 3 position adjustable chainstay features interchangeable dropout inserts. The chainstay flip chips allow you to alter the wheelbase by 5-10mm depending on the type of track you’re riding, your height or riding style.

The combination of frame adaptability, a custom hydroformed 6061 aluminium tubeset, a confidence inspiring 63-degree head angle and 200mm of travel via our new Nukeproof Dissent platform make this bike the privateers dream. The centrally-positioned shock and linkage system ensure optimum handling while other features include a true 1.5” head tube, ISCG 05 mounts and a 157mm x 12mm rear axle to keep things stable at the rear.

The new Nukeproof Dissent platform may look quite similar to the Pulse frame at first glance, but if you dig a little deeper it is actually quite different. There were several main changes we wanted to make:

Simplify the design, to drop the weight and increase the front triangle stiffness.
Increase the mid stroke support to make the bike pump better, sit higher in the travel, improve stability in corners and improve the liveliness of the ride.
Improve the leverage rate and make the bike more progressive.
Structurally the most obvious change is that the rocker link is now positioned on the outside of the seat tube, rather than tucked inside a clamshell as before. This allows us to drop a fair bit of weight whilst increasing the frame stiffness at the same time.

The suspension platform also now uses a push rather than a pull link. This helps to reduce the loads and stresses on the frame again helping to further save weight and improve durability. The result of all of this is that the Dissent frame has shed 400g over the Pulse.

Position 1.
- 17% Progression
– This is the setting that is most similar to the Pulse frame but with more mid-stroke support. It starts with the least progressive rate off the top, has the most mid stroke support and then ramps up the least at the end. Interestingly this is the position that Sam Hill prefers. This is also the one that he raced in at the Garbonzo race at Crankworx 2018.

Position 2.
- 21% Progression – This is what we consider to be the Goldilocks position. (Its’s just right!) I.E. It suits most riders most of the time and as a result this is the setting we recommend and will ship the bike in.

Position 3.
- 26% Progression – This is the position that Adam Brayton prefers and has raced to several medals already this year. If it is progressive enough for “Gas to Flat” himself, then it is probably progressive enough for you too!

Position 4.
- 30% Progression – It starts with the most progressive rate off the top (Most supple over small bumps), has the least mid stroke support but then ramps up the most at the end. This is the setting that we would use for riding a bike park with loads of braking bumps and massive jumps/drops.

Anti Squat Chart
We believe that low anti-squat but good mid stroke support is a winning combo.

Position 1 has the lowest anti-squat, but it also has the most mid stroke support. Therefore, it still pedals great.

Position 4 in contrast has the highest anti-squat but also has the least mid stroke support. Therefore, it still pedals great.

- Proizvajalec: Nukeproof
- Okvir: 200 mm hoda, aluminij T6-6061 (tanjšane in hidroformirane cevi za nizko težo in izboljšane vozne lastnosti), ležaji v nihajki Enduro Bearings, metričen zadnji amortizer (250mm x 75mm), zadnja os 157 mm x 12 mm (boost), integrirana zaščita nihajke pred udarci verige, gonilni ležaj na navoj, štiri (4) nastavitve progresivnosti nihajke, nastavljiva dolžina chainstay-a, notranja napeljava bovdna zadnjega menjalnika in zadnje zavorne cevke
- Velikost obročnikov: 27.5" (650b)

Spisek komponent:

Vilica Rock Shox Boxxer Select R (200 mm hoda, zračno vzmetenje, Charger RC + DebonAir kartuša) Nastavitve rebound, low speed compression, možnost nastavitve progresivnosti s tokeni
Amortizer Rock Shox Super Deluxe Coil Select R (250 mm x 75 mm, metričen) - Nastavitve preload, rebound
Krmilni ležaj Nukeproof (ZS49/ZS49)
Krmilna opora Nukeproof Horizon DH (direktno vpetje, dolžina 45 mm)
Krmilo Nukeproof Neutron (800 mm x 38 mm - L, XL ; 780 mm x 38 mm - S, M)
Gripi Nukeproof Sam HIll lock-on
Zavore Sram Guide RE (ročica Guide+čeljust Code​, rotorja 200 mm spredaj in zadaj)
Prestavna ročica Sram GX DH (število prestav 1 x 7)
Zadnji menjalnik Sram GX DH (število prestav 7)
Gonilka in prednji verižniki Sram Descendant DH z verižnikom 36T
Gonilni ležaj Sram DUB BSA (zaprti industrijski ležaji, na navoj)
Vodilo verige MRP G3 (za verižnike 34-38T, jeklen backplate)
Zadnji verižniki Sram GX DH (PG-720, 11-25T)​
Veriga Sram PC-1110
Obročnika Sun Ringle' Düroc SD37 (Qr20 spredaj; 157x12 zadaj, dvo-stenska oobroča, tubeless ready)
Plašča Maxxis Assegai 27.5x2.50 (spredaj in zadaj; 3C MaxxGrip, dvo-stenska DH, tubeless ready)
Sedežna opora Nukeproof Neutron (30.9 mm)
Sedež Nukeproof Vector DH (Cr-Mo vodila)

Velikost  Seat Tube        Seat Tube Angle   Head Tube Angle Head Tube        Wheelbase  Top Tube (Effective)  Chain Stays Length Bottom Bracket Height  Reach  Stack 
S 405 mm 74.5° 63° 110 mm 1221.5 mm 590.60 mm 435/440/445 mm​ 357.5 mm 425 mm 598.4 mm
M 405 mm 74.5° 63° 110 mm 1241.5 mm 610.60 mm 435/440/445 mm 357.5 mm 445 mm 598.4 mm
L 405 mm 74.5° 63° 110 mm 1261.5 mm 630.60 mm 435/440/445 mm 357.5 mm 465 mm 598.4 mm
XL 405 mm 74.5° 63° 110 mm 1281.5 mm 650.60 mm 435/440/445 mm 357.5 mm 485 mm 598.4 mm

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