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Brez DDV: 3,360.57€
Zaloga: Rok dobave 5-10 dni
Proizvajalec: Nukeproof
Šifra izdelka: SKU-4126


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Nukeproof Mega 275 Carbon Pro Bike
Since 1999 the infamous Megavalanche race, which starts from the highest point on Pic Blanc (3300m) above the village of Alpe D’Huez has been synonymous with all mountain riding and the highest level of true mountain bike racing.

Conceived originally in 2009 by the development team at Nukeproof in an attempt to build the perfect bike for this exact style of racing, the Mega was born. Now in its 4th evolution, the Mega is podium proven. It has tasted success with numerous national and international race wins to its name.

Designed to excel on the toughest enduro tracks; the gravity focused specification is designed to descend fast but maintain the pedalling efficiency for all-day epics.

Chassis Stiffness
For 2019 Nukeproof has focussed on the smallest details in order to improve an already podium proven chassis. Making the decision to commit to a dedicated 1x drivetrain configuration across all models, this enabled its engineers to utilise the space required for a front derailleur to increase the main pivot bearing placement ensuring that maximum stiffness is achieved. This additional stiffness prevents torsional flex under pedalling and helps the chassis track through high speed, rough terrain without compromise.

With stiffness in mind, Nukeproof took the time to incorporate the very latest Boost 148 rear axle spacing allowing it to spec much stiffer and stronger wheels both front and rear. All 2019 Nukeproof Mega models will come with new wider spaced Boost wheels and forks enabling the rider to feel even more confident on the increased capability of the bike.

Updated Race Geometry
With the demands of Enduro World Series racers progressing at a rapid rate, Nukeproof looked again at its geometry and saw an opportunity to tailor the frames to suit not only the fastest racers, but the growing tribe of riders that utilise its bikes every weekend whether that be shuttling runs at their favourite bike park, or heading off for an all-day epic in the local hills.

Slightly taller head tube lengths help tailor the cockpit feel to increase rider confidence, and a lengthened top tube on large and extra-large frames should help even the tallest of riders feel at home on the new Mega 275 Carbon Factory.

Metric Shock Sizing
The product development team work extremely closely with Nukeproof’s suspension partners and spent endless hours working on the perfect shock configuration for the new Mega. The perfect partnership between rear shock technology and frame kinematics has always been in the very root of its thought process when developing bikes and the new Mega with its brand new ’metric’ shock standard is no different. Designed to work perfectly with both air and coil sprung rear shocks, Nukeproof has addressed some of the areas that it felt could be improved on over the previous design such as hardware improvements and higher spec shocks across the board.

The new Mega 275 Carbon Pro utilises the brand new RockShox Super Deluxe rear shock and hardware now comprises of a wider spaced 25mmx8mm front mount, with a rocker link mounted bearing system to improve shock sensitivity and reduce the amount of wear through heavy usage. This combination adds even more stiffness to the chassis through these more secure fixtures and the ‘Metric’ rear shock system with increased bushing overlap.

High in Fibre
Leaning on its experience from the development of its award-winning Warhead Carbon handlebar range, Nukeproof has spent 4 years in the development of the brand new Mega 275 Carbon Pro. Utilising a blend of the highest quality carbon fibre composites, the Mega 275 Carbon Factory has been hand crafted with 1 goal in mind… Winning!

Not only is the chassis now significantly lighter than its aluminium counterpart, the strength and reliability of the frame has been vastly improved enabling every rider to push harder, faster and with more confidence than ever before.

Tested on the toughest of terrain and in the most varied conditions by Enduro World Series Winner Sam Hill, the 2019 Mega 275 Carbon Pro sets out to tackle every ride with its trademark attitude.

- Proizvajalec: Nukeproof
- Material okvirja: karbon (prednji trikotnik/main frame), aluminij (nihajka)

- Model: Mega 275, 27.5" (650b)
- Okvir: 165 mm hoda, boost (148 mm x 12 mm), notranja napeljava bovdnov
- Hod vilice: 170 mm

Spisek komponent:
Vilica Rock Shox Lyrik Charger 2 RC Solo Air (170mm hoda, Qr15mm, boost) Nastavitve rebound, low speed compression (open/firm)
Amortizer Rock Shox Super Deluxe RC3 (230x60mm, metričen) - Nastavitve rebound, 3-stopenjski compression (open/pedal/lock)
Krmilni ležaj Nukeproof Warhead (ZS44/ZS56; zaprti industrijski ležaji)
Krmilna opora Nukeproof Horizon AM (50mm)
Krmilo Nukeproof Horizon (800mm x 25mm)
Gripi Nukeproof Sam Hill Signature lock-on
Zavore Sram Guide RE (ročica Guide+čeljust Code; rotorja Sram Centerline; 200 mm spredaj in 180 mm zadaj)
Prestavna ročica Sram GX Eagle (število prestav 1 x 12)
Zadnji menjalnik Sram GX Eagle (število prestav 12)
Gonilka in prednji verižnik Sram Descendant Eagle z verižnikom 32T (dolžina 170 mm, boost)
Gonilni ležaj Sram DUB (zaprti industrijski ležaji; na navoj)
Vodilo verige MRP AMg V2 (za verižnike 26-32T)
Zadnji verižniki Sram GX Eagle (10-50T)​
Veriga Sram GX Eagle
Obročnika Mavic Deemax Elite (Qr15 spredaj; 148x12 zadaj (boost), pesta z industrijskimi ležaji; dvo-stenska obroča, tubeless ready, notranja širina 30 mm)
Plašča spredaj in zadaj Michelin Wild Enduro 27.5x2.40 (Gum-x; tubeless ready, ojačana izvedba)
Sedežna opora Rock Shox Reverb Stealth (notranja napeljava cevke) - S velikost: 125 mm hoda; M velikost: 150 mm;  L in XL velikost: 170 mm hoda​
Sedež Nukeproof Horizon SL (Cr-Mo vodila)​

Velikost  Seat Tube        Seat Tube Angle   Head Tube Angle Head Tube        Wheelbase  Top Tube      Chain Stays Length Bottom Bracket Height   Reach  Stack 
S 381 mm 75.75° 65° 105 mm 1161.89 mm 559.97 mm 435 mm -10.1 mm 410 mm 590.51 mm
M 420 mm 75.75° 65° 105 mm 1186.89 mm 584.97 mm 435 mm -10.1 mm 435 mm 590.51 mm
L 458 mm 75.75° 65° 110 mm 1226.12 mm 622.29 mm 435 mm -10.1 mm 470 mm 599.59 mm
XL 508 mm 75.75° 65° 115 mm 1273.23 mm 668.44 mm 435 mm -10.1 mm 515 mm 604.11 mm

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